Cladding and Render Repairs

External cladding and rendering systems look fabulous when they are new but as they age they begin to deteriorate visually and their performance can be affected. This can lead to increased energy expense as performance falls, water ingress problems, which in turn can lead to damp within the building, along with complaints from tenants or building owners.

Continual water ingress can discolour panels and rendering lowering the aesthetic effect and performance of the building leading to reputational damage and increases in energy costs.

In high winds cladding and render that has experienced substantial deterioration can become dislodged and present a serious health and safety issue for staff and members of the public walking below. Dependant on the quality and robustness of the initial design and construction methods used, this could weaken the integrity of the remaining installation presenting an ongoing risk to the public.

Utilising our expertise in installing cladding and render we can identify current and potential issues through a robust inspection and reporting process, which, if required, can include high rise rope access if ground access is limited.

Our highly capable and experienced design team can provide varying solutions to remedy identified issues, providing solutions to keep client costs to a minimum while dealing with the fundamental issues raised through the reporting process.

We partner with some of the leading manufacturers of cladding and rain screen systems (e.g. Kingspan and Eurobond, Argeton and Creaton Terracotta) and all manufacturers of render systems (e.g. Sto, Dryvit, Allessco, Envirowall) levering their vast knowledge and experience to further support our internal design team.

Our extensive list of blue chip clients (e.g. Carillion, Lendlease, Balfour Beatty) who rely on our expertise and advice, substantiates further our credentials in this sector.

Our highly-experienced installation teams adopt a ‘leave as found’ ethos ensuring the working areas is returned to its former state.

We provide a structured response to the client’s needs and provide project management from conception to completion.

Our ISO 18001, IPAF and PASMA Certifications guarantee safety is a top priority to us and assures our clients that our operations are safe and compliant. CWCT membership gives further accreditation regarding our expertise and experience.

We provide an organised, fully auditable programme of work and keep clients up to date daily on progress through our web enabled reporting suite and can integrate fully with any other maintenance work ongoing within the building.

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