Fire Door Inspections

Building Managers and Landlords have a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure that all fire doors retain the ability to resist the passage of fire throughout their lifespan. Building Managers and Landlords responsibilities are clear, failure to comply with this regulation may result in prosecution, fines and in severe cases, imprisonment.

A fully functioning and compliant fire door will save lives. As with most building components however it will age with time and dependant on its environment may require repair and maintenance regularly to ensure it will operate as intended when the time comes.

Fire seals, ironmongery and glazing can become detached, sometimes without the Building Managers knowledge creating an unidentified risk.

Working in a range of different environments our inspectors carry out detailed inspections on all types of door sets.

We are experienced in working in publicly occupied environments and work quickly and efficiently to ensure the inspection does not interrupt normal building use.

All our Inspectors wear easily identifiable PPE, ID badges and have a friendly, customer focussed manner.

Using the latest smartphone technology our inspections capture every defect in detail allowing Building Managers and Landlords full vision of the current condition of the door enabling them to take appropriate action.

We provide a structured response and work with clients to project manage inspections throughout buildings whilst occupied, or out of hours to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

We provide an organised, fully auditable programme of inspections and keep clients up to date daily on progress through our web enabled reporting suite and can integrate fully with any other maintenance work (e.g. fire stopping inspections) ongoing within the building.

Upon completion, we provide a building wide door schedule clearly indicating the location and condition of each door.

If required we can organise follow on repair work, or carry out minor repairs as part of the inspection process.


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